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If you live in Spain, but are ’non-resident’, our advice to you is to make a Will to ensure that your Spanish resources are sent out exactly as you would like in the event of your own death.
The spanish language Laws upon Inheritance state that, on your death, the estate will be distributed among your heirs in line with the rules of your country of source. Most Eu countries’ Laws of Inheritance -- with the different of the UK - state that kids have an computerized right to a component of your estate on your own death, even if they are not expressly mentioned in your own Will. In Spain your children may automatically receive a share of your Spanish property.

Of course, if they do not wish to claim their lawful share of their ‘Spanish’ inheritance, they can ‘renounce’ their own right at a Spanish Notary and the estate will be distributed among whomever else you may have designated in your own Will (this is known in Italy as the ‘Legitime’ : that part of inheritance reserved for legal reasons for your spouse and youngsters, or, faltering these, with other descendant or perhaps ascendant associations).
British home owners should also remember that although Spanish language Law claims that British Law applies in the wedding of your death, British Law also states that it is the Regulation in the country the location where the asset is found (eg Italy) which establishes your authorized heirs.

What goes on When Someone Won't Accept Their particular Inheritance?
Not everyone is happy to receive an inheritance. Depending on your personal circumstance, you might elect to refuse or even disclaim a bequest designed to you by way of a loved one for any number of reasons. When you’re younger, the actual windfall might impact your eligibility for student aid, even when it's not you'll pay to you right away. If you’re old, it might keep you from qualifying for State medicaid programs. Further, if you are already prosperous, an inheritance will increase the estate's value, which could mean your personal estate will end up having to pay additional federal estate taxes when you die. What the law states recognizes these complaints sometimes occur and you tend not to have to acknowledge an inheritance if you don’t might like to do so.

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