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Desiree +A volunteer, web user, knows French Creole and English


Jean +Local Observer, familiar with the town and its surroundings
John +Actor


Monica +Marketing studies (Master ongoing), Computer Science bachelor degree


Paul +An information manager in Inter Agency Standing Committee from en emergency cluster.


Susan +Susan, a 22 year old Asian American univer Susan, a 22 year old Asian American university exchange student and citizen web user is studying sociology. She has a small fellowship to move to a university in England for a year of her PhD to look at particular population statistics for her thesis. Susan has never traveled abroad and while she has lived away from home for three years, has only lived in dorms while at university so will be looking for an apartment.She knows that she would like to be relatively near her school, in a safe neighborhood, a place that is fairly cheap, and that will support short-term renting or subletting Besides being an a student scholar, susan also loves to play frisbee and swing kettlebells. While being a regular facebook user and twitter consumer, she does not suffer technology lightly. r, she does not suffer technology lightly.
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